Remote Reset Decoder Software

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Compatible with: Windows XP – Vista – Win 7 – Win 10

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The Technistore remote reset system works by a simply exchange of codes over the telephone which allows the Alarm Company or ARC to reset the system with a unique one off code. Our Remote reset keypad or the alarm panel generates and displays a five digit number after an alarm activation.

This number the "Quote Code" is quoted to the Alarm company or ARC by the customer over the telephone.

The Alarm Company or ARC then "Decode" this number by entering it into a computer running Technistore Decoder software. The resulting number is called the "Reset Code" this code when entered into the Remote Reset plus keypad resets the system. Alarm Companies do reserve the right to refuse to provide a "Reset Code" if for instance the customer does not know the cause of the alarm activation. In most cases however the cause is known and a Remote "Reset Code" can be given. Each time the system is activated a different "Quote Code" is generated and the "Reset Code" is therefore different every time. This ensures only the Alarm Company can authorise the resetting of the system in accordance with Police Force Policy and British Standards 4737 and PD6662. Technistore Remote Reset is now built into the following alarm panels: • Galaxy alarm panels from version 1.04 • Honeywell Dimension alarm panels • DSC alarm panels • Napco alarm panels • Vista alarm panels • Accord xpc alarm panel • Visonic alarm panels • HKC alarm panels