What is Technistore Remote Reset used for?

United Kingdom's Police force policy ACPO requires any remote signalling intruder alarm system after an activation that has resulted in a Policed alarm event to only be reset by the maintaining Alarm Company or ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). This is to prevent repeated false alarms from faulty equipment or customer misuse. The alarm system cannot be re-armed until the panel has been reset by an engineer. The Technistore remote reset system works by a simply exchange of codes over the telephone which allows the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) to reset the system with a unique one off code.

How does Technistore Remote Reset work?

The Technistore Remote reset keypad or the alarm panel keypad generates and displays a five digit number after an alarm activation. This number the "Quote Code" is quoted to the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) by the customer over the telephone. The ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) then "Decode" this number by entering it into a computer running Technistore Decoder software. The resulting number is called the "Reset Code" this code when entered into the keypad resets the system. Alarm Companies do reserve the right to refuse to provide a "Reset Code" if for instance the customer does not know the cause of the alarm activation. In most cases however the cause is known and a Remote "Reset Code" can be given.

Each time the system is activated a different "Quote Code" is generated and the "Reset Code" is also different every time. This ensures only the Alarm Company can authorise the resetting of the system in accordance with Police Force Policy and British Standards 4737 and PD6662.

When can it be used ?

UK Police force Policy BS4737 and PD6662 states that an alarm system may be remotely reset provided no remedial action is required and the cause of the alarm is known.

What is a Technistore Decoder ?

A Technistore Decoder is a Computer running the Technistore Decoding algorithm software. To ensure security between different ARC's (Alarm Receiving Centres). The Technistore Decoder software comes in 255 different versions. This is known as the "Code Version" and it must be set exactly the same at the premises alarm panel as the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) Decoders "Code Version" in order for the Decoder to calculate the correct reset code. If in doubt always check with your ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) which "Code Version" they are using.

Where can you purchase the Decoder software ?

Technistore only licence the Remote Reset Decoder software to NSI or SSAIB accredited Alarm Receiving Centres, for further details of our licencing agreements please contact us.

What is meant by the Quote Code ?

This is the terminology used for the five digit code which is randomly generated by the Technistore Remote Reset software. This code is required by the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) in order to calculate what the "Reset code" will be.

What is meant by Code Version ?

Alarm companies and ARC's (Alarm Receiving Centres) who wish to maintain strict control over the resetting of their customers systems can each have their own Code version of the Technistore System. This is achieved by purchasing a unique Code version of the Technistore Decoder Software. For example a Company who has Code version 232 software cannot reset any Technistore Remote Reset system other than one set to code version 232. The code version is set on site by the installing Engineer to match the ARC's (Alarm Receiving Centres) Decoder Software code version.

When the Reset Code is entered an error occurs ?

The most common cause of this fault is that the Decoder Software and the code version set on site are not the same. Check with your Alarm Company or Central Station which code version they operate on and ensure that the Technistore Remote Reset on site is programmed to the same code version as the ARC's (Alarm Receiving Centres) Decoder.

Why is the Technistore Remote Keypad no longer available?

After been in constant production since 1990 the Technistore stand-alone Remote Reset Keypad production was discontinued in October 2007 as many Alarm control panels now have Technistore Remote reset software built in.